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Bryce Canyon - Zion Park - Cedar Breaks

Journey 2011

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Local time : 2h21

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If you like rocks, stones and squirrels, this page is made for you :)


Lot of rocks here as you guessed. First, Bryce Canyon, with its amazing red rocks spires called "hoodoos". As often in this kind of landscape "it's all about rocks and water" as said in the guide book. Ice and rainwater run on the soft rocks and lands and after few million years, here is the result :) It was really beautiful and absolutely different from everything we've seen so far ! (I know, I say that all the time, but this country is so diversified, it's incredible! :) )


Cedar Breaks is more or less similar to Bryce Canyon, however far less impressive, whereas Zion Park is something completely different. It is actually a real canyon shaped by the Virgin River in a desert. Different colors, different landscapes and as a desert, very hot temperatures ! It's so amazing ! We felt so small under the giant rocks, and we loved it :) Yellowstone must be worried about its "approval rating"... : ) Some wildlife here as well, lot of squirrels (we stopped photographing them after the tenth one...), small lizards, young mooses... it changes from buffalos :) We read there were some tarentulas there as well, but fortunately, for my own mental security, we haven't met any :)


Covered distance from St Louis : 3 282 miles (5 282 km) !


Vincent 01/9/2011

Rien d'interessant, ca ressemble trop a la Seine-Saint-Denis.

Elisabeth 01/9/2011

Heureusement que vous portiez de bonnes chaussures !

Arielle 03/9/2011

Awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

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