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Journey 2011

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Local time : 5h24

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2 days to fall in love with Chicago !

We were expecting a grey, cold and dirty city with only skyscrapers and narrow streets, and it was just the opposite! Larges clean and wide avenues, raisonnable number of high buildings and a "guest star" with the beautiful Lake Michigan. In a minute you go from the city center to a sand beach! Amazing! And probably the bright shiny weather we had during these 2 days played a important role in this "more than positive" impression :)

We first enjoyed the pier over the lake and the Ferris Wheel with a terrific view of the city skyline on its top. Then we visited the zoo! The last free zoo in the US! With animals such as lions, gorillas and... giraffes ! Guess wich ones where my favorites :) We spent the evening on the top of the Hancock tower (314 meters) where we could enjoy the fireworks over the pier, together with the great night view of the city.

Second day in Millenium park to see "the Bean" as well as the Buckingham Fountain, city center and the financial district and the fabulous Union station. On the top of the Willis Tower (442 meters, 108 floors !) we experienced the glass ledge, 400 meters above the floor! You feel like suspended over the city! Very impressive especially for faint-hearted like us!

Well, Chicago is already over now... we liked is so much and hope the rest of the trip will be that good! Next stop : Saint-Louis, Missouri!


Mut et big 12/8/2011

Fabulooous ! Wonderfullll !sauf la cabine en verre où même sur les photos nous avons la chair de hen. Et bonjour le régime poussinique à la dernière photo.

Elisabeth 12/8/2011

Ce soir je regarde les incorruptibles ! kaddaie a tenté de retrouver la fameuse gare sur vos photos.

Vincent 12/8/2011

Ah c'est quand meme beau Toulouse ! (je me demande si j'ai pas deja fait ce commentaire pourri l'annee derniere). Enjoy!

Murielle 12/8/2011

Le moins que l'on puisse dire c'est que ça donne envie !!! sauf la bouffe...

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