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Le Dakota

Journey 2011

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Local time : 5h24

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The day I drove a covered wagon ! :D

Everything is in the title :) After taking some rest in the swimming pool and in the jacuzzi in the hotel :) we made a jump 130 years ago in De Smet in South Dakota in order to visit the Ingalls' living places "in real" (from the tv serie and books "little house on the prairie"). We started our visit in the city centre of De Smet where can be seen some of the places they used to live in or to go to from 1880 til 1928. Then we went to the Ingalls homestead in the prairie. The visit in the centre was quite formal and rather reserved to the lovers of the books but the homestead site was much more fun, although probably less authentic. No restrictions here, we were pleased to climb everywhere, to touch and try everything, and so we did! :) The best of it was a ride in a covered wagon that I could actually ride myself! An unique experience! That was easy to drive anyway :) The hardest thing was in fact to get in and out the carriages (and still I did not wear a long dress). We really had a good time there!

Second day, let's go west ! On the way we stopped at Mitchell to see... the Corn Palace! A weird-but-nice building covered with frescos made of corn crops and renewed each year. Well, that wasn't maybe that much impressive but still funny to see.

Few dozens miles later, we followed some bilboards on the highway announcing "Auto show and pionneer village", it sounded good :) And we haven't been disappointed ! What we found out was a museum with more than 300 cars from all time periods and all styles, dozens of motorbikes or other vehicles more or less useful and a recreated pioneer village with thousands of artifacts. It was a bit messy and looked rather like a big flea market but it was very nice in fact and completely unexpected in such a little town in the middle of nowhere!


Elisabeth 21/8/2011

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