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Death Valley - Mono Lake

Journey 2010

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Local time : 1h21

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Now we can confirm it, Death Valley suits its name well as the heat was almost unbearable (47°C at the hottest moment on the car thermometer…) ! We held anyway 15min under the sun, just the time to take some pictures. We came back to the car, completely wet and red… better avoid sun bath in there :)

Except that, once in the car (air conditioned one, do I have to mention it…)  the trip went very pleasant, amazing landscapes surrounded us all the day long. Red hills, almost no vegetation, one crossroad, 2 small villages or rather groups of houses met in 150km… The rest? A road, desert most of the time, red rocks, small shrubs and salt lakes. Impressive and so quiet after bustling Las Vegas where after all the heat was almost the same.

End of afternoon at Mono Lake, it was a very beautiful day and it's only the beginning !