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Grand Teton - Jackson

Journey 2011

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Local time : 2h20

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Grand Teton ("big tits") mountain and the other famous hill in the park Gros Ventre ("big belly") have been named by French Canadian trappers at the beginning of the 19th century... those Canadians were quite imaginative people :)

Our visit in Grand Teton was in fact brief but intense! Indeed, we did our first (and biggest until now) success : we finished a trail in the mountain ! ... ok it was only 5 km but still at 2000m altitude, it was already something for us :)

Of course it was far less impressive than Yellowstone, no geysers, no canyons, no falls but instead some beautiful snowed peaks (over 4000m altitude), lakes, forests, buffalos... it was just so great and so relaxing (well except for the trail maybe :) )!

We spent the rest of the day in the small town of Jackson, definitely a mountain town : log cabins, charming streets, covered wooden floor sidewalks, souvenirs shops... All the good western style we like :)


Vincent 01/9/2011

Ca fait plaisir tout ca, mais mon prefere reste le slip velu :) J'aurais bien voulu voir Mathieu l'essayer !

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