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Las Vegas

Journey 2010

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Local time : 1h16

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Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

Hmm what a weird city :) First, we found it nice and funny, despite the heat, like a big theme park. We’ve been soon overwhelmed by the noises of the slots, traffic jam and mass of people everywhere. However, definitely a place to see, it’s just another world, superficial, in the middle of the desert, impressive! Excessiveness and change of scenery guaranteed! It that the real America??? Anyway a very good experience for us!

Concerning pictures, probably no comment needed… Just one thing, the plate shows a… breakfast :) As poor little french sweet-breakfast-eaters, that was a bit surprising, anyway we tried and even liked it :)

Few night pictures only, jet lag was hard (9hrs) and we felt asleep quite early the first days…
Don’t worry, we haven’t lost all the budget in casinos, just a little bit… to try :)

By the way, it’s 10.30 pm, outside temperature … 37°C…