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Las Vegas

Journey 2011

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Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas... again ! :)


Slot machines noise everywhere, loud music in the streets, giant hotels, sweltering heat... no doubt, we are in Las Vegas :) We've been charmed by this city last year as it was completely unbelievable and new for us, like a big amusement park for adults... However this year, everything had an impression of "déjà vu". Hard to be charmed twice by the same things. Especially after 3 weeks in the nature and spectacular landscapes, noisy and crowded Las Vegas somehow overwhelmed us. Nothing really new then, we tried not to take the same pictures than last year, but hard to do when there is only one street :) But it was nice to come back anyway, knowing the city allowed us to do more shopping, so it was not so bad :)


A new thing anyway this year, we took an hotel directly on the Strip (the main street and actually the only attraction of the city). Enormous hotel (3565 rooms)... we experienced the sentence "you are just a number"! Check in / check out on automatic terminal, absolutely no contact with any employee, 15 minutes to reach the room from the reception desk (we had to take another lift and go to another aisle..). Beside of it, internet cost 14 $ a day and the swimming pool close... at 6 pm ! Finally we really preferred our smaller last-year-hotel, outside the Strip but much more friendly and with much better services.


Elisabeth 01/9/2011

Bonne fin de voyage, revenez vite, vous nous manquez !

Mut et big 01/9/2011

Bon, et les indiens, ils sont où ?

Janvianoce 01/9/2011

Si vous voulez braquer un casino, contactez-moi, je connais 11 gars compétents.

Le bouriate 01/9/2011

Je cherche encore le bouton I like :)) je vois que les photos sont de plus en plus belles vous devriez rester encore un mois ou deux :))

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