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Los Angeles

Journey 2010

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Local time : 8h21

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A lot but at the same time few to say about the « stars » city…

We started our visit with the movie studios. Warner Bros was the first. Very nice tour, almost individualized (as far as it can be in the US) as the guide asked us which movies or tv series we use to watch. I answered The mentalist (knowing it was shooting there…) and … we saw the (fake) offices where they shoot the episodes, the (fake) elevator, plastic brick walls and so on (unfortunately, no Simon Baker around ;) and it was forbidden to take pictures :( ) Then we saw some movies shooting places (don’t remember all names of the movies…), the costume museum (like Batman, Matrix and Harry Potter ones among others) (no picture neither here, stupid people!) and then the transportation museum. (finally we could take pictures :) ). Of course we would have preferred seeing more but for a first experience that was really nice.

Then came Universal Studios. Well, a good theme park for … attractions (3D roller coasters, special effects etc.) but really disappointing concerning movie studios. After 2h queue, a (giant) bus where we could only see well from one side (unfortunately rarely ours…) took us for the tour. Some far west style streets, towns’ facades, a 3D King Kong show (where I closed my eyes all the time as there were giant spiders in the show…whatever :)) some “cheap” special effects with cars in fire, fake sharks, the “back to the future” cars that we haven’t seen (other side of the bus…) were mostly what we’ve seen. A nicer effect in a metro station that get under water or a quite realistic shooting place with a plane crashed on some houses… impressive I admit :) We should have seen Desperate Housewives houses, but they were shooting the day we were there and of course they didn’t show us the shoots… So it wasn’t as nice and exciting as we expected, attractions for tourists nothing more.

Not much space left to speak about LA :) I am writing more and more as the trip goes by  :) Let’s say that except the (2400) stars on Hollywood Boulevard, footprints in concrete or Hollywood sign there is nothing to see in Hollywood:) But you probably knew it already. Anyway, been there, done that as we use to say:) Beverly Hills is much nicer, spotless streets, no homeless people, boutiques where we didn’t even dare to enter and as a bonus the hotel where Pretty Woman were shot. Wonderful, inapproachable, a real star life :) We haven’t done the « stars homes » tour so no pictures of them (someone found this tour stupid, I won’t quote anyone…:) ).

Already the last day of the trip … on Santa Monica and Venice beaches! Under a brilliant blue sky on a perfect summer day we walked through these familiar beaches… No more comments needed, you’ll understand :) Very cold water though, poor surfers:)

That's all folks! Thanks for having followed our adventures :) See you soon for the video or maybe for an other trip, who knows … ;)

That was so nice!!!! Honey, when are we going again…