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Los Angeles

Journey 2011

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Local time : 3h24

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Last update... at least for this year... :(


For this ultimate stop in Los Angeles, only a few pictures. As we've been already in Hollywood and Beverly Hills (they both have to be seen but not necessarily re-seen in our opinion :) ) we preferred doing some shopping sessions and walk on the ocean side instead in order to get psychologically prepared to come back... A new visit this year however : Paramount studios (the only one we hadn't visited yet :) ). Very interesting, a little unorganized and far less neat than Warner's or Universal's. But thanks to this we could see many things "from the inside" with a passionated and very friendly guide. Unfortunately our poor cinematographic culture did not allow us to appreciate all filming locations histories but it was a very nice experience anyway :)


Some pictures of Malibu's and Santa Monica's beaches, unfortunately under a grey sky... where was the californian sun ? :)

And it's already the end... :( 25 days without any problem, 6048 km!, a perfect organization and timing, amazing and so beautiful landscapes... really a trip we will never forget...


Any ideas for a next road trip ? We're waiting for you suggestions :)


Janvianoce 04/9/2011

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