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Le Missouri

Journey 2011

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Local time : 3h18

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Let's go for the real road trip !

First day with the car, direction Mansfield, Missouri! We drove partly on the road 66, however the road is hard to follow as it does not appear on maps anymore (you need to take maps from the 30ies to find the original route). Names of the parts of the road changed and the road ends up many times to the Interstate. So after several turn back, wrong way or wrong road at the crossroad, we finally decided to take the Interstate to be sure to arrive on time :) In Mansfield, for those who may don't know it, is the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little house in the prairie" books. So we visited the house and the little town of Mansfield :) Very interesting but maybe reserved to the lovers :)

Next stop in Springfield, MO. The guide book said the Fantastic Cavern was a 'must to see' place in Springfield, so we went there :) The cavern was in fact quite nice and impressive, but the hollywoodian presentation and the high entrance fees spoiled the pleasure a little bit. Nothing much to see in Springfield except maybe the giant commercial center for outdoors activities! It is actually organized and decorated like a museum for wildlife nature : aquariums, fake forests, dears and so on and even a real aligator in the middle of the mall! Welcome to America :)

Then we drove to the north, 5 hours of straight routes through the green Missouri! On the way, we stopped at the "Missouri Village 1855", a 19th century village rebuilt. That was a very charming place actually! Very pleasant night in a typical Bed and Breakfast in a 100 years old white painted house ! Everything I love!

We are very pleased by this trip through Missouri, that was very different from where we've been before. People here are just lovely and very helpfull. They seem passionate for their land and culture and often curious to know where we are from and what we are doing in the middle of Missouri :) Finally the real America we were looking for! :D

Covered distance so far : 700,8 miles (1128 km) !


Elisabeth 19/8/2011

Nous sommes rassurés sur votre sort, amusez vous bien, bises+++

Mut et big 19/8/2011

Ah enfin des nouvelles américaines ! C'est comme si on était avec vous :)
Jolies les chambres !

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