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Badlands - le Mont Rushmore

Journey 2011

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Local time : 2h18

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Badlands National Park is a curious place made of sharply erroded buttles and hills. All this just because of the streaming of the water and the erosion. An astonished view, deserted but very impressive. We visited the Badlands at the end of the afternoon so the brightness was not ideal to take pictures and the weather was getting bad... As you can see on the pictures.

The next day we visited Mt Rushmore! As we expected, it wasn't that big (on the mountain scale) but still very nice to see! We even made a little trail (1km...) in the forest around the mount and... it just killed us :)

Then we stopped at the Crazy Horse Monument. As native Americans also wanted to have their monument scarved in a mountain, they did start to build one : Crazy Horse, Indian war chief, on his horse. The construction started in 1947 and until today, only the head has been accomplished. The access to the site was expensive and it looked more like a big campaign for donations. The Native Americans Museum in there was more like a big shopping center with Indians artifacts (at least they looked like that) everywhere. Everything was about getting money from the visitors. We didn't like it very much.

Evening in Deadwood, South Dakota, little town in the Black Hills which somehow succeeded in keeping some of the far west spirit alive. At least in appearance because inside the buildings, it was like a "mini Las Vegas"! Slots machines everywhere, even in the sushi bar! It doesn't really fit with the place but why not :)


Elisabeth 21/8/2011

Mathieu en bonne place avec Washington : je suis très fière

Les bigs 21/8/2011

Scoop : le Mont Rushmore abrite 5 têtes ! Sophie a amorti le bonnet de Steph.

Gerardovci 27/8/2011

J'adore Mathieu, il ne peut pas s'empêcher de faire des cours des qu'il voit un tableau noir

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