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Journey 2011

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Local time : 3h19

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Saint Louis, the Gateway to the West, welcomed us under a heavy rain... not really the best first impression one could have! :) Very different atmosphere here compared to Chicago. City center seems tiny and the buildings even more, we almost felt like in France :) By the way the buildings have rather a european style: stones, columns and sculptures... far from our vision of America! Maybe because the city was founded by a French man ? :)

Second day : we woke up under a bright shiny sky (uff!). As we had only 8h left to visit the city, we decided to take a guided tour in a historic trolley! Of course we did not understood all what our guide/driver said (our english definitely needs some improvements... :/ ) but still this was very interesting and convenient to see some places outside the city (weirdly Chicago also had the oldest skyscraper and the only free zoo in the US... :) ). Then, after a short walk on the banks of Mississippi river, we've been to the main attraction of the city : the Arch! Unfortunately, we were short of time to go on the top (45 min queue plus 20 min ride), but we enjoyed instead the Westward Expansion Museum located under the arch. Very great museum in fact! See the pictures :)

A little more walking around the city and time to reach the airport to finally get the car!!! :) Then again the automatic gears, first highways, first motel, we missed it! Let's go west! Yihaaaa! :D


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