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Berkeley - San Francisco

Journey 2010

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Local time : 1h14

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Small stop in Berkeley University before taking over San Francisco! Nothing compared to the beautiful gothic buildings from eastern universities, but the campus size is impressive though (compared to what we have at home) in accordance to its reputation.

Then we arrived in the small/big San Francisco through a large suspension (grey) bridge aver the bay, promising start :) After long minutes on crowded highways, missed exits and 6 lanes to cross, we finally reached our first true motel! And … it’s not that good in fact! Cold enters the room directly from under the door and we can ear every tiny noise coming from the street :) Except that, it was really cool :) (we won’t talk much about the suspicious red spots on the ceiling and on the carpet …) :)

Time to visit the city! Honestly we were first a bit disappointed compared to what we were told. Actually it looks to much like Europe, nice buildings, few skyscrapers etc. maybe not enough American for us... I mean enormous, different, extravagant and so on  :) But after few days, we started to like it very much. After having passed the most tourist places (overcrowded with tourists in fact) we discovered some nice little districts, quiet, frequented by local people, with small shops etc. And that was really nice! Maybe the San Francisco we expected finally :) And of course the Golden Gate Bridge, which definitely reconciled us with the city. It was beautiful, no word to describe it :) We were almost sad to go despite the permanent freezy wind… a big shock after Death Valley heat…:)

Pictures are a bit mixed up, just like our visit in the city :)