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Journey 2011

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Local time : 4h24

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After the marvellous Yellowstone, we finally left Wyoming for Utah (except the 20 km we spent in Idaho... :)).


However, Utah's landscapes have no reason to be jaleous of these in Wyoming: very great roads and landscapes, few people, canyons, lakes... we definitely can't get tired of it! First stop in Logan, small town in the North of Salt Lake City with nice, old fashioned building fronts as we like them, large streets and of course a Mormon temple, Welcome in Utah :)


Next stop in Antelop Island, a very pleasant island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake converted into a National Park with many wildlife species as birds, buffalos, antelops... among others and an old ranch. Breathtaking landscapes under a burning sun, just magic!


Le big 28/8/2011

Belles images de Mathieu Ingalls.
Le tracteur a besoin d'une bonne révision chez noremat

Elisabeth 28/8/2011

C'est sauvage, c'est ancien et authentique, heureux mormons !

Vincent 01/9/2011

J'ai remarque que Sophie aime embrasser des faux animaux et Mathieu aime poser dans les chambres d'hotel :)

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