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Journey 2011

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Local time : 2h18

Click for Yellowstone, Montana Forecast

2 days ago, we thought that Wyoming's landscapes were the most beautiful ever. But that was before visiting Yellowstone ! We knew it would be nice, but what we saw there completely surpassed all what we've met until now. So diverse landscapes : a lake, many green line forests, other recovering form past fire, falls, canyons, hot springs, mud pots and of courses geysers, elks, buffalos and so on... only a few kilometers from each other, it's just unbelievable! The pictures, even if they probably don't reflect the reality of the place, will give you at least a small guess of how it looks there. It will be probably hard to find a better place than here until the end of the trip but who knows...


Elisabeth 24/8/2011

On se sent tout petit devant la nature sauvage et probablement non polluée, que c'est beau !

Mut et Big 24/8/2011

On a vu les bisons, la squaw et l'indien algonquin, mais où est leur tipi ?

Mut et big (suite) 24/8/2011

Et leur papoose ?

Vincent 25/8/2011

Ah mais c'est de toute beaute !

Gerardovci 27/8/2011

J'espère que vous avez goute le lait de bison :)

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