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Yosemite - Jamestown

Journey 2010

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Local time : 1h14

Click for Yosemite National Park, California Forecast

After Death Valley furnace, we’re here in the majestic Yosemite park. Absolute contrast, we came from -190 ft (-58m) elevation to +9543 ft (3031m) in 24h! Landscape is then completely different for what we’ve seen before : forests as far as the eye can see, Sierra Nevada with its partially snowed mountains, lot of green, fresh air, small watercourses, we almost missed that during the past days in the desert :) Despite the huge amount of tourists (100km of forest around the park and almost no town, where all these people came from??), we enjoyed the beautiful views (look at the pictures!) as well as the long (sinuous) road through the mountains to get out of the park… not for the faint-hearted  :)

Special thanks to Jamestown, our stop between Yosemite and San Francisco. This little town was a nice surprise with all the far west charm intact! Hotel in “old west style”, we enjoyed! By the way, we recommend the (excellent) Mexican restaurant in main street… :)